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Using intuition not intellect for consulting on a broad range of topics to ultimately increase financial freedom.
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Business Intuition is a skill that can be learned. Scroll down for a real, live demo video!

The energetic imprint of everything is available for all to see if you know how to become aware of it. One example of this is in the world of business. I tap into what can be called the "Innate Intelligence" of the business. This is like the essence of the business, which is influenced by the consumers and the principals. It is not like the usual sense of consulting where you are thinking logically and draw on your experience and knowledge, but it is done using a different state of mind. Business Intuition is done in a relaxed state of mind so that one can get information or impressions from the business. The information could be pictures, which would be drawn quickly, or words or sentences which would be written down. I would be talking as I go as well if we met in person, describing the information that intuitively comes up.

An example of something you may have heard of is Medical Intuition, which is similar in that it is intuitive. In the case of Medical Intuition; however, one would connect to the body as the source of wisdom rather than to the business. Remember that a pet, such as a dog, might just know if someone is a good person or not, by seeking affection and greeting a visitor or by staying away or perhaps giving a gentle growl or bark. This capacity is known to exist in dogs. Humans are more sophisticated/evolved than dogs. Thus, of course we humans are capable of being aware of things intuitively; it is just a matter of developing the skill by focusing on it. Of course, not everyone will agree with the idea of intuition or find it appropriate/legitimate as a way of helping to make decisions. I would say that the world is energetic, and it somehow manifests in physical form. Intuition is simply a matter of becoming aware of the energetic part. I have heard that women may be more in tune with their intuitive side than the more logically oriented men. One can, at least at times, just know something--that's intuition.

When doing Business Intuition (BI), knowledge in the specific area is not needed and may even make it harder to do it if your mind and thoughts get in the way. There are a few different styles of intuitive work. I was trained in the style of following and recording the impressions that I get until the picture feels complete.

BI can help you with making choices in your life direction and mobilizing resources as well as generating money. It acts as a guide to where the business wants to be going. It can help save time and answer questions about whom to hire, where to invest, or what market to target. You can ask any question, and I would check-in with the business to see what comes up.
 Who can Business Intuition help?

  • someone with a big business with many employees
  • someone with a small business or anything in between
  • an employee of a business seeking intuitive consultation for some aspect of the company, as long as the president gives permission
  • someone who does not have a business but wonders about his/her career path
Business Intuition Videos
  1. Intro to BI Videos
    2 min introductory video
  2. Real BI Session Demo (1/2)
    12 min video of me doing a real, live BI session for my wife, Angelika Sagath for her business, Osteopathy & Healing Center as a demo. She asked a question that she wanted intuitive information about, and I tuned into the business and related the information.
  3. Real BI Session Demo (2/2)
    5.5 min continuation video of real, live BI session.
  4. Testimonial of Demo
    Video also seen on Testimonial page.
Intuitive work as a skill set is more well known now than it has ever been. Business Intuition has been around for at least a decade.

BI can help save time, money, and energy--it gets to the point of what to do rather than thinking about what to do and logically picking through best options. With logic, you may still not know the best answer. BI could help confirm if what one rationally thinks is the best course of action. For example, whom to hire can be confirmed with BI.

I offer 15 min, 30 min, and 1 hr sessions as seen on the Services page.

Cell phone: 416 802 2265
email: [email protected]

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If you make a request for 15 or 30 minutes, I will do the Business Intuition session, scan any information I wrote down, and email it to you within 5 full business days, except for vacation. (If you make the request Monday morning I may take until next Monday.) Then we would talk on the phone: I will walk you through what came up. If the request is for 1 hour, we might do it in person or by phone. See the Contact Us page for information on location.